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Freedom Celebration Singers SATB best choir in Abbotsford, BC


The Freedom Celebration Singers are, no doubt, in the 5 Star category at EVERY SINGLE performance. You have no idea how much your performances enhance my life EVERY SINGLE TIME! The moments that stood out to me were being informed that some of the selections were not only original scores but the COMPOSER WAS ACTUALLY PRESENT IN THE AUDIENCE! My goodness! What a treat! Also, on a personal note, not only were some proudly patriotic to unhyphenated, single-passport/citizen Canadians such as myself BUT... surprise!... many were presented from the Old Country. Thank you for giving so freely to your community and thank you, too, for being part of my life.


Love, Hugs, and Peace Be With You,

Kirsten Haymond

Hans and Ewa,

It was a beautiful evening of song and the trio was fabulous.  Thank you for your dedication and leadership in the Freedom Celebration Singers.  We were sorry we hadn’t invited friends to attend.  Next time!

Jan T.

My wife, Audrey  has been in this choir for the past 18 months and I have enjoyed being an usher and meeting new people. My favorite song for the spring concert was "This is My Prayer for You". Also, the men did an excellent job of "Old Lady Rose". I would encourage many to follow this choir and to join if you love singing. 💙

Wolfgang Struchtrup

Hi Ewa,

Did M and I tell you how much we appreciated the concert on June 1st? It was truly magnificent. The lovely program of songs and instrumentals brought heartfelt tears of joy to our eyes. The Nicolento Trio young artists were DYNAMITE! These young people show me our future is bright and alive with such talent. We look forward to more concerts in the future from the Freedom Celebration Singers. Well done!

Lawrence Brown

This was immensely enjoyable. I have experienced so much sadness in the last 6 months. Your concert was a wonderful outing, a beautiful, uplifting experience. Thank you all.


I'd like to comment on how much I enjoyed the Freedom Celebration Singers at the "This is Our Song" Concert May 24/24. The Choir was amazing and presented a wonderful variety of music - something for everyone! But what was truly outstanding (and often not fully appreciated) was Ewa's wonderful skilled accompaniment on the piano. Her phrasing and dynamics were absolutely perfect for each piece, the room size and the volume of the choir. What I loved the most was the incredible technique and clarity of finger work - it was truly a delight to hear. In fact, many of the fast legato sections were so accurate & distinct that it almost sounded slightly pizzicato - yet still smooth and lyrical. The Nicolenco Trio was just a delight to hear and especially the accompaniment of the Brahms piece by Ewa was excellent.

Thank you for a delightful and inspired night!

Judy Friesen

Attended a great performance out in Maple Ridge last spring. The Freedom Celebration Singers are marvellous and exuberant in their joy of singing.

David Klasses

This concert was a highlight of my life!

Theo Stoll

I love singing in this choir and I am learning a new skill of reading music. Our conductor, Hans and our pianist, Ewa are amazing! If you love singing please consider joining our choir and/or attending our Christmas concert on Dec 1 or 2. It will be a spectacular night! 💖

Audrey Struchtrup


Thank you so much for inviting us to last night’s powerful presentation.  Thank you to all those involved.  Your piano playing was flawless and beautiful. It was a wonderful evening and Han’s message was truly uplifting to one of our purposes here on earth…”kindness towards others.” You truly are all a shining light in a dark world.

Arnold & Olga Lehmann

Hi, Hans and Ewa, Thank you for the very special concert on Saturday night.  I appreciate all of your hard work, and that of the other choir members and musicians.

Liisa Cormode

Wow! How nice to hear great music sung live again! Classy and yet informal & fun. Highly recommend it if you want to hear something different yet great :). Friday May 24th’s concert in Abbotsford.

Pete Koepfgen

My wife and I attended their summer concert in Maple Ridge and we were very impressed by the quality of presentation!


Feel so blessed to be part of this choir! Amazing group of people who have a love for music! Take the time to come out for our next Concert December 1 and 2nd, you won’t be disappointed!

Cornelia Krahn

Thank you for filling up my heart ❤️

Margaret Brown

The concert was amazing!  Thank you so much.

Sharon Armstrong

Congratulations on another outstanding performance! The evenings you and your group create are uplifting and inspiring!

Thank you for a truly remarkable evening!😀

Laura Fisher

It was truly an evening of beautiful music. Thanks so much!

Darrell Swanson

Good evening, Eva and Hans.

I am so happy that I attended tonight's concert at St. Paul's Lutheran Church.  Intuition said go.  I am blessed to have gone, attended and been divinely blessed by songs, sound, music and beautiful people.


Be Blessed,

Carol M.

It was an enjoyable evening


Esther Suderman

It was a lovely concert. Beautiful.

Klara Reid

You are ALL amazing 🎶🎶🎶


Shirley Treger

Thank you, Ewa, Ben, Hans, and the singers, for this beautiful evening in Maple Ridge! It was sheer joy to listen to you, let ourselves be carried to higher grounds with your music, and start off this magical time of Advent.


Gunnel Tesfa

The concert was life giving!


Maria Bouchard

Very, very professional 

John Taylor

Good thing we decided not to stay at home and come to the concert instead. 

Laura M.

What a glorious performance, what a joy, what a treat 🎶🎹 Thank you, it was soul-lifting 🌟


Gunnel Tesfa

Thank you for amazing concert! It was an evening to remember! 

God bless you all as you continue to be inspired to sing and bring glory to God and blessings to all!!!!


Denise Rivet

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